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March 29, 2009


Language is something linked with words and grammar which could present meaningful statement and enable us to communicate with each other. Journalists is a kind of job to write and report truth to the public. However, is language the only thing we can use as communicate tool? Actually, visual language could also be structured in journalism.

A photojournalist is usually a type of reporter that works for a certain publication and goes out to get images for a story. Earlier it used to mean only still photography. But now in broadcast journalism, when the electronic media has become more powerful, video photo-journalism is also included.

Especially, photojournalism covers the report during the war. Even though sometimes photographs are often printed in black and white, they are widely accepted as standing in for the real thing. These photos could be regarded as objective records of the real world.





Similar as traditional print journalism, newspapers also turn photojournalism into a routine production.

The images created in photojournalism are part of a news story, or feature in a magazine. Photojournalists must supply pictures which are in focus and have sufficient tones to reproduce well in newsprint. They are helped by using standardized film and equipment. They know that editors demand impact or shock-value related to the story. photographers place the newsworthy event in the centre of the frame, look for dominant verticals and an even surface pattern. Once the pictures are processed, the phtotgraphers’ work is reinforced by the choices of picture editors, who crop and retouch pictures to ensure they match the conventions of realism.

P.S: Light and colour have specific symbolic connotations in the photography. There are some explanations for different use of light and colour.

Darkness suggests fear,evil, the unknown.

Light suggests security, virtue, truth and joy.

Cool colours(blue, green) suggests peace, distance and silence.

Warm colours(red, yellow) suggests aggressiveness, violence and mature.

 There are a lot debates about photojournalism, and we will discuss that later.


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