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Music Journalism

March 23, 2009

gallery-prf-11831275641Music, in the form of music video, documentaries, studio-based programmes and live events has grown exponentially in the past two decades. As the media’ interest in music has grown, it is the time for journalism to face music. A new type of journalism called music journalism has appeared.

Generally, music journalists write about music and its industry. There are different specialization for music journalists. Some focus on reviews, which are related with new albums, shows, and DVD releases. Some work from a depth perspective and interview singers, bands and producers.

The most obvious outlet for music journalism is magazine, especially entertainment and female magazine. Also, there are some music magazines. E.g: Music Week.

Apart from the magazine, the internet platform has brought dramatic changes in the music journalism. Music fans could leave comment directly on the music articles and set up groups to share and exchange ideas. What is more, an increasing number of fans start to write their own blog to review music.

The latest breaking news for music journalism might be the back of Michael Jackson. He is going to hold 50 date tour, and first start from London. Can Michael Jackson make a successful come back? This will be tracked and reported bu media journalists in the following days with reviews of his music tours.

Last week, at online journalism course, we interviewed Ben Gilbert who is a music journalism.

There is a list of his blog and sites for Yahoo. Do not miss them, if you want to be a music journalist!

The interview video is filmed and edited by myself.