The Log of My Blog

My SSIT project is a blog. The topic is about journalism. As a journalism pathway student, I learned a lot about journalism through this one year’s study. Journalists is not a simple job as I knew before, there are many theories, debates and changes            related to journalism. 

I am trying to cover the journalism issues from different aspects. I set my articles into three main categories. Firstly, introduction to journalism. Some basic information about journalism is essential for readers to  know. What is news? What is the production and construction of the news process? What is the differences of journalists specialized in different aspects?

Secondly, traditional journalism. In this category, the topic including music journalsits, war journalists, and photo journalists. I upload a interview video of Ben Gilbert, who is a famous music journalist works for Yahoo Music. Also, I introduce two typical war journalists. One is the greatest photo journalists  Robert Capa. The other one is a famous female Chinese war journalists Lvqiu Luwei. Write some stories about real journalists could leave a direct and deep impression on readers, and could reflect the true life of journalists. 

The third part is online journalism. With the wide application of the Web 2.0 and the large amount of bloggers, traditional journalists have been changed a lot. Citizen journalists has an increasingly role in the report of breaking news. DIY media and User-generated content make it possible for ordinary people to control and participate in the production of news, not only passively received it as before. Compared with traditional journalism, online journalism has lots of advantages, such as the immediacy, interactivity, and the unlimited space. On the one hand, traditional journalists start to adopt to online platform. On the other hand, people are worrying about citizen journalists will replace professional journalists.

A good blog is not just about writing and posting, the whole design is also very important. I add the links to other journalists’ blogs. A list of my category is on the right side of blog, readers could find the related articles easily. Also, I put the RSS of BBC news and Twitter of a journalist from the Guardian. 

Most people think write blog is an easy and interesting job. I keep writing my Chinese blog for more than 2 years, and also think there is no difficult for me to do that. However, to set up a relatively professional blog and update regularly are not as simple as I thought. I have to choose a certain topic of my posts which could fit the theme of my blog, not whatever I like.

What’s more, compared with paper writing, blog is a multimedia platform. Apart from writing about the topic, images and videos must be provided as well. As a result, readers may have more choices and know much more background or depth information.  At the same time, it enables blog to become interesting and attract readers. 

Copyright is an important point when download pictures and videos from the Internet. Most of my videos are from YouTube, two of them are my original videos. Online image sources are together with URL. Meanwhile, some pictures are taken by myself. 

Blog, as an online platform, is easy for readers to comment on it and exchange ideas. I reply the comments of my blog and also visit other blogs to leave my comments. 

There are the links of my comments.

Overall, the final project is a good chance for me to review and apply the knowledge I learned about journalism in the SSIT module.  Meanwhile, have the ability to operate a theme blog is also an essential skill for online journalists.   


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