Best Things of Journalism

Best Journalism Books

  1. “In Search of Light” edited by Edward Bliss Jr. (Knopf, 1967).
  2.  “Not So Wild a Dream” by Eric Sevareid (Knopf, 1946).
  3.  “A Child of the Century” by Ben Hecht (Simon & Schuster, 1954).
  4.  “The Front Page” by Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur (Covici Friede, 1928).
  5.  “Sarajevo Daily” by Tom Gjelten (HarperCollins, 1995).


Best Journalism Films

  1. “Sweet Smell of Success”
  2.  “All The President’s Men” 
  3.  “Paper”
  4. “Deadline U.S.A.”
  5. “His Girl Friday”
  6. “Foreign Correspondent”
  7. “Front Page”
  8. “Broadcast News” 
  9. “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”
  10.  “The Big Clock”


Most VIsited UK Newspaper

  1. Sun
  2. Guardian
  3. Daily Mail
  4. Mirror
  5. Times
  6. Daily Star
  7. Independent
  8. Telegraph
  9. News of the World
  10. Evening Standard

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A List of Best Journalists
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3 Responses to “Best Things of Journalism”

  1. Fiona Says:

    For the ‘Most visited UK Newspaper’, I thought the FT was one of the top 10 haha the students in our uni read it everyday =.=

    • yajiao Says:

      Yes it is. FT is one of the best newspapers in the UK, even in the whole world. Compared with other general newspaper, it focuses on the economic and financial aspects, which is good for economic students to read.

  2. Ray Says:

    FT is the one I’d like to read everyday. Really good quality, comparatively objective.

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