Online Journalism

3A large amount of traditional media has already figured out how to do journalism online. They operate the news website and allow journalists to write blog for supporting website.


Online journalism makes possible to update news continuously. A single news website could post hundreds of latest information on news stories minute by minute. Particularly for breaking news such as Gaza Crisis. Readers could know the news through the front page of newspaper, and then they could follow the latest results of Egypt and Syria negotiations with Hamas, the decision of the United Nations and the amount of death people on the news website.


Moreover, online journalism allows readers to interact with news stories. They could make comments on the news immediately or exchange opinions with others through message boards. In the Guardian’s newsUnlimited site, readers could start a debate about certain issue. The site provides links of other evidence and conclusions arguing by both sides of the debate.


Journalists always summery the news on the limited space of newspaper, but they could provide more background and details of the news story on news website or their blog. As a multimedia platform, news website also can offer a variety of pictures and videos. People can hear the interview while reading the report.


The Iraq War began at 2003 was a time for many journalists to report it online. In Britain, there were about 4.5 million readers click the Guardian newspaper’s website at the first day of the war. The statistics from Hitwise research reflect that the leading online newspaper website was the Guardian’s site with 7.26 per cent share of the market. It was followed by of 5.17 per cent.


Some traditional journalists start their blog reporting as well. Not all the information from the Internet were reliable, news-oriented blogs which consist of participatory reporting, commentary and news analysis  were receiving a high attention.  Kevin Sites, a journalist of CNN, apart from his television reports, wrote ‘behind the scenes’ features on CNN website. At this blog, he published his personal commentary, his witness of the day, and with photos and audio. Similarly, MSNBC started blog reporting. One of the blog producers Joan Connell said “It can be used to great effect in reporting an unfolding story and keeping readers informed”, and “MSNBC’s blog is edited. Our editors scrutinize our blog for accuracy, fairness and balance, just as they would any news story”.


On the one hand, online journalism needs to be revised further more. The rules developedn from tradtional media may be not appropriate for the Internet. On the other hand, it should be noticed that the online journalism expands the quality, range and choice of entertainment and information for the ordinary people. They could control the media content rather than passive receive as before. More competition will be put on the tradional journalists, because their readers and audience are able to select the suitable news.



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  1. Ray Says:

    Online journalism is a method for the traditional ones to keep superiority.

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