Citizen Journalism


Citizen Journalism

In the 21st century,with the wide application of technology and Internet, there is a dramatic revolution happens in news industry. 

Different from traditional media, audience are seemingly passive receive and consume news and information. By contrast, new technologies such as blogs, news sits, and social networking environment, enable users to become creators and active manipulators and texts. An increasingly number of people set up their own blog, where individuals could post any material they gathered with their interpretation of the news story. 

On e typical example of citizen journalism is the London bombings. On that day, for many Londoners, the effective way to know about the attacks was the internet. The BBC News was almost the first to report this break news online. Many BBC reporters wrote their observations in blog titled: The BBC’s ‘Reporters’ Log: London Explosions. Also, online spaces were created for ordinary citizens who witness the scene. In the BBC News website, citizens could send their experiences and photos to the page ‘London explosions: your accounts’, by asking ‘Did you witness the terrorist attacks in London? How have the explosions affected you?’ BBC received over 1,000 pictures, 20 pieces of video, 4,000 messages and 20,000 emails. Though some of them are just general comment, many are first-hand evidence and materials. The significance of citizen journalism is that ordinary people are able to report their stories online. It can not be done in television or newspaper.

CNN has officially launched the citizen journalism site called  iReport. It is part of an ongoing effort from CNN to integrate user-generated content both online and in the news network’s on-air coverage. According to the company, they’ve already received 100,000 video, photo, and text submissions since first launching iReport on in 2006.


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